Improve your VCE French skills online



My name is Francois. I was born in France in Champagne and left France when I was 28 years old to travel around the world. In 1998 I came to Australia and liked so much the country that I decided to stay and built a new life in Australia.

Since then I have been teaching French in the most prestigious private schools around Melbourne.
(Who knows I might have been teaching in your school)

I taught VCE French the last 20 years and I have also been an assessor for the French VCE examination several years.

During my professional life as a teacher I learnt how to relate to young people and make them feel completely at ease during their learning journey. When I teach online I try to do the same so it is easy for you to talk and it will never feel uneasy in trying to come up with something to say.

I individualize lessons, encourage self-confidence and motivation for learning. My objective is for the student to come out of the lesson thinking "I have learned something today, and I have enjoyed myself”.