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How is Y11 VCE FRENCH UNIT 1 assessed?

A total of four tasks should be selected from those listed below.

Outcome 1:

  • informal conversation or
  • reply to personal letter/email/fax.

Outcome 2:
  • listen to spoken texts (e.g. conversations, interviews, broadcasts) to obtain information to complete notes, charts or tables in French or English and
  • read written texts (e.g. extracts, advertisements, letters) to obtain information to complete notes, charts or tables in French or English

Outcome 3:
  • oral presentation or
  • review or
  • article

It is expected that the student responds in French to all assessment tasks that are selected to address Outcomes 1 and 3. Of the two tasks required for Outcome 2, one should require a response in French, and the other a response in English.
Over the course of the unit, both oral and written skills in French should be assessed. Therefore if an oral task is selected to address Outcome 1, a written task should be selected to address Outcome 3, and vice versa.

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