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How is Y11 VCE FRENCH UNIT 2 assessed?

A total of four tasks should be selected from those listed below.

Outcome 1:

  • formal letter, or fax, or email or
  • role-play or
  • interview

Outcome 2:
  • listen to spoken texts (e.g. conversations, interviews, broadcasts) and reorganise information and ideas in a different text type and
  • read written texts (e.g. extracts, advertisements, letters) and reorganise information and ideas in a different text type.

Outcome 3:
  • journal entry or
  • personal account or
  • short story

It is expected that the texts used are in French and that the student responds in French to all assessment tasks selected. Over the course of the unit, both oral and written skills in French should be assessed. Therefore if an oral task is selected to address Outcome 1, a written task should be selected to address Outcome 3, and vice versa.

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