Improve your French skills from your home with Skype and an experienced VCE French Tutor and native French speaker.

With twenty years of experience teaching VCE classes and experience as a formal assessor for the VCE French examination, I can confidently say that I will help you to get better results at your VCE French examination.
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Devinette de la semaine
Quel est le sport le plus désaltérant

Answer :

Grammar can be fun and even sexy !

Check Sebastian Marx
telling us his love story with his French teacher using grammar jargon
Talia Baxter Y12 student

No more searching for the right VCE French Tutor. This teacher offers me the winning combination of flexible schedule, excellent teacher and a friendly environment.

Emily Parent

Matthew did very well at VCE French and I credit my VCE French Tutor, Francois, with reinvigorating Matt's enthusiasm for his study.

James Y12 student

Great VCE French Tutor I had very interesting conversation about my detailed study. I can see that Francois has a lot of experience with the VCE French course. Highly recommended.

Bridget Y11 student

Whether I am at home or at school, there is a great tool on the website to book a lesson and I can sign up for specific classes that focus on my individual needs when it suits me. In addition Francois is a great VCE French Tutor